DOVES Nest Thrift Store Helps Others in Need

An elderly couple came in to visit our thrift store shortly after the Lake Isabella fire because they needed items ranging from clothing to appliances for families that had lost their homes in the fire.  DOVES Nest staff filled their car full of merchandise and everything was discounted 40%.  The couple was so grateful for our[…]

Denim Day 2016

Members of the Bear Valley community supported survivors of sexual assault by participating  in the 17th annual Denim Day for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The inspiration of Denim Day came from the 1992 case of a young girl who was raped by the driving instructor of a behind-the-wheel class. The perpetrator was arrested, tried and convicted,[…]

Understanding the Culture of Poverty Workshop

DOVES of Big Bear Valley, Inc. is pleased to host Understanding the Culture of Poverty, a two-day workshop presented by Kathy Estes. This workshop will offer the participants an opportunity to consider the realities of what it means to “live in poverty.” Through the research of Dr. Ruby Payne, this compelling and interactive workshop provides[…]

Emotional Aspects of a Restraining Order

by Rebecca David, Legal Advocate The previous newsletter discussed the mechanical process of getting a restraining order.  The mechanical process discussed the “dry” nuts and bolts of the restraining order process and what “boxes” needed to be checked to get the filing pass the court clerk, and on to the judge or commissioner to get[…]