October 21, 2013


Our outreach center in Big Bear Lake a provide individual and group counseling, legal advocacy and emergency services. We operate a 17 bed shelter for women and their children and a 24/7 toll free crisis hotline at 1-800-851-7601.  
DOVES is governed by a 100% volunteer Board of Directors who donate countless hours to direct and guide the course of our operations. Our Board is comprised of community leaders with various backgrounds who bring a wealth of knowledge and an immense level of skills to the organization. 

Our Vision 

DOVES envisions a community where everyone embraces and shares a philosophy of conflict resolution through non-violent means, grounded in the ideal of respect for self and others, and based on the model of power-sharing with others, rather than power over others.

Our Mission

DOVES mission is to serve as the community’s resource for ending domestic violence by: empowering and providing safety for those who are suffering physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, or financial abuse at the hands of an intimate partner; to assist other community members experiencing violence within the family; to model positive and healthy relationship choices for youth in an effort to end the generational cycle of domestic violence; and to effect a culture shift among community members regarding the use of power in relationships, through education and partnerships with the public, government and other community organizations and institutions.

Our Goals

1. Intervention

  • To provide a safe haven for those living in dangerous situations
  • To provide emotional, therapeutic and problem-solving support to strengthen the coping strategies of those who have been abused verbally, psychologically, financially, sexually and physically by others
  • To provide education and guidance for those who want to stop abusing their loved ones by developing healthy relationship practices

2. Prevention

  • To provide emotional and therapeutic support for children growing up in violent homes to help them develop positive conflict-resolution skills
  • To educate our youth on the danger signs of abusive dating relationships and the abuse of technology that can lead to dangerous, harmful and unhealthy situations, and to give our young people a stake in working with each other to create for themselves a generation free from interpersonal violence
  • To engage men and boys in creating a culture of non-tolerance of violence against women among all males in our community

3.  Education

  • To provide information to all members of our community regarding the causes and consequences of domestic violence
  • To effect an understanding in our community that the abuse of power by any of its members weakens all of its members
  • To work in collaboration and partnership with other community organizations and institutions to gain a commitment from all community  members to practice peace, respect and tolerance in all relationships