Client Statements – Transitional Living Program – October-December 2016


43 year old woman; children ages 17 and 13 – October 2016

I have enjoyed the time I spend with my counselor. I have learned that I always have a place to go for help. I also have gotten help for my children and they have also learned that they are not alone. During my time here at DOVES, DOVES has been very supportive. During the transition for me and my children, I have gotten help with fixing my car while going to school. DOVES has helped us with food and gas as well. We are still a part of DOVES and we enjoy their help.

60 year old woman – November 2016

I had been married a year when it became clear my husband was violent and unreasonable. I was homeless when I entered the DOVES’ program. Although the assistance with court and info on what the procedure was to get an annulment and restraining order was helpful, the most help of all was the encouragement of the staff. The Legal Advocate and my counselor convinced me there really was hope. I wasn’t really sure how to protect myself, and they showed me the way; but mostly, they gave me hope. The financial hope was great too! Without financial help I would probably still be without a home. I literally just felt lost and so full of anxiety and these ladies offered encouragement until I was pointed toward hope again.

55 year old woman; daughter – age 19 (college student full-time) – November 2016

The help with counseling and transitional has been a lifeline for my daughter and me. We would be homeless if it were not for DOVES. They have helped us to be able to stay in our tiny cabin. The counseling has helped me with a brain injury so I could learn coping skills, manage impulsive behavior, and learn to cope with new long-term injuries. I have been a victim of domestic violence throughout my lifetime. DOVES is helping me to recognize the cycle so I can break it and not allow it to perpetuate to my daughter. She also receives counseling from DOVES. The cycle stops with us! Thank you DOVES for keeping my daughter and I together and not homeless.

51 year old man; children ages 10 and 11 – November 2016

If not for the assistance we have received from DOVES, our lives would have been ever harder than they are on a regular basis, and sometimes it is almost intolerable! Without your support for therapy and financial assistance, I’m really not sure where we would be at in life right now, but I know we would be much worse off. On behalf of me and my children, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

52 year old woman; child – age 17 – November 2016

The transitional program has helped me a lot. Since I was approved for the program, I haven’t needed to ask to borrow money. I have been able to pay all my bills. Emotionally, I feel better because I don’t have the pressure when you don’t have enough money to pay for bills. I want to thank DOVES for all the support that I am receiving.