DOVES Nest Thrift Store Helps Others in Need

An elderly couple came in to visit our thrift store shortly after the Lake Isabella fire because they needed items ranging from clothing to appliances for families that had lost their homes in the fire.  DOVES Nest staff filled their car full of merchandise and everything was discounted 40%.  The couple was so grateful for our generosity and compassion.  Again, our reputation precedes us!  Every employee and volunteer was so eager to help this couple and our genuine kindness and pride really came through.

Quarterly updates:

Our thrift store has also been looking into getting a new security camera system and two way radios for better customer service and added security. This quarter, our inventory levels and sales continued to stay at high levels due in part to all the yard sales and new home sales. The number one reason for our continued success is the never ending support from the community and local businesses. Since we work with a lot of realtors, we have an opportunity to educate and bring awareness of DOVES to a whole new customer base of new home buyers.