DOVES Promotes Healthy Relationships at Big Bear Schools

During the last week of January DOVES worked with Big Bear High School and Middle School students on the “Our Purple Hearts” project for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. The campaign is designed to educate both teens and the community on the role DOVES plays in helping young people develop healthy relationships, and raises awareness about teen dating violence.

The high school students portrayed what a healthy relationship looks like on purple paper hearts. The middle school students took a different approach with their hearts and illustrated on one half of the heart what an unhealthy relationship looks like, with the other half depicting a healthy relationship. The purpose was to educate the students on the difference between the two types of relationships.

The artwork created by students will be on display at various locations throughout Big Bear Valley during the month of February for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Nearly one in three teens who have been in relationships have experienced dating violence or abuse. Most people think of dating violence as physical abuse, but it includes extreme jealousy, insecurity, verbal abuse, isolation from family and friends, or using text messaging to monitor whereabouts.

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