DOVES Provides New Classes for Clients and Expands Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program

May brought a lot of excitement and growth for the staff and clients at the DOVES’ Outreach Center. Clients began a new group therapy class, the Crochet Café Group, which was facilitated by DOVES Program Manager Quinton Page. The group offered survivors of domestic violence an opportunity to both learn a new skill, and to share with one another in an open forum their thoughts and feelings for the week. The clients responded well to having a safe environment to express the things that have been troubling them and they all enjoyed making beautiful blankets and scarves.

DOVES staff was grateful to have the opportunity to facilitate a discussion amongst senior classes at Big Bear High School. DOVES’ Program Manager met with three separate classes of seniors and talked about healthy and abusive relationships. The students lead the conversation, and were able to express their own thoughts and feelings about the subject. It was a great time to cover these topics, as it was the week leading up to prom. We were happy to hear teachers report that after the DOVES staff member had left, the students continued the discussion amongst themselves.

Legal Advocate Rebecca David and Program Manager Quinton Page attended the National Center for Victims of Crime’s Seminar on Civil Justice at Loyola Law School. The event, which was chaired by a team of lawyers, focused on the avenues that victims of crime have to seek justice through the courts in order to be made financially whole again. Often, we as advocates focus only on criminal repercussions for abusers, but it is important to remember that domestic violence costs victims countless dollars each year. Through the efforts of the National Center for Victims of Crime, these victims are being given an opportunity to seek financial reparations for things like hospital bills, property damage, and pain/suffering.
DOVES was happy to welcome Jorge Barrales of Inland Counties Legal Services to the Outreach to host a class on the many ways to dissolve a marriage. This class benefited our clients by showing them different avenues and options to utilize the court system in working through the difficult process of leaving a spouse. Mr. Barrales generously provided this class to our clientele free of charge, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of our Legal Advocate Rebecca David. DOVES would like to offer our gratitude to both Jorge and Rebecca for putting in the work to give our clients this valuable educational opportunity.