DOVES Staff Attends National Institute of Crime Prevention Training

Several DOVES staff attended a special Advanced Domestic and Sexual Violence Training in Las Vegas presented by the National Institute of Crime Prevention. The training took place from July 10th to 14th, and covered such topics as The Effects of Childhood Trauma in Later Years, Ways to Reduce DV in Law Enforcement and Military Families, and Developing Coordinated Community Programs to Combat DV. Attendees from DOVES included Shelter Director Jeanette McMillian, Program Manager Quinton Page, Clinical Intern Tonya Schour, and Shelter Manager Ken Bianchi. After the training, these staff members took the knowledge back to the rest of the DOVES staff, in the form of presentations at the monthly All Staff Meeting. DOVES as an organization is proud to support the ongoing education of its staff. Quality trainings such as this one, allow for DOVES to continue to provide a top level of care for the community of Big Bear.