Lorrie’s House Resident Moves Forward With the Help of DOVES

“I will always be very grateful to the staff for their encouragement and support during my stay at the shelter. I was able to find a full time job and in a few days I will have housing. The staff at DOVES really cares about me and they are doing everything they can to ensure my success. I had no warm winter clothes when I came here and very little money. The staff made sure I got warm clothes. Ms. Jeanette helped me get my food handlers license so that I could work. I have tried to do my best to let the staff know how much I have appreciated their help.

With the grace of God and the kindness of DOVES’ staff, I know that I will be blessed with a new beginning for my life. I am truly grateful to all the ladies on staff here at DOVES. I know that God is going to bless me to do some wonderful things and I can truly say that my stay at DOVES was a wonderful part of this amazing journey that God has me on. Despite a couple of challenges, I’ve found peace and a calm that my heart, mind and soul needed. I truly feel that I am on my way to a new beginning by the Hand of the Lord. Sometimes God takes us on a long journey that is full of unexpected pit stops. DOVES was one of those pit stops for me. A very pleasant one. I wish DOVES the very best.”

-DOVES Shelter Client