Lorrie’s House Updates – April-June 2016

In spite of a mild winter, we were all happy to see the arrival of April and feel a hint of warmer weather to come.  Our positive attitude extended to our actual house, as we were able to get the outside painted, in between rain storms.  We all love the new color. It is a welcome change.  The beginning of this month saw a dramatic shift in our program, from a six month to a sixty day.  This will allow us to better meet the needs of more individuals and families that require emergency shelter.  In keeping with Trauma Informed Care, clients are provided with whatever form of safety and stabilization they require, to assist them in progressing to the next phase of their lives.

As May arrived staff was pleased to welcome Becca Flores, as our new Transitional Housing Advocate. She will be here one day a week, assisting our clients in this important area. Becca will provide our clients with information about transitional housing and follow-up with them on their progress. We had a client successfully complete our program and were able to place him in a transitional program.

Improvements to our shelter continued into June.  Asphalt was poured out in front, so that more parking spaces could be added and the driveway in front of our garage was repaved.  We also now have a garage door opener that works beautifully.  Finally, we have hired four additional individuals to work at the shelter.  One of our new hires will be doing maintenance as well as being a shelter manager.  We are looking forward to getting everyone trained and working.