Lorrie’s House Updates July-September

Our summer months saw a number of new faces at our shelter.  This included both staff and clients.  Staff was busy finding the time to do our “Forty Hour” training program for our new staff.  As soon as they have completed this training they will be ready to begin working at the shelter.  We are anxious to have them join us.

During the month of August, approximately half of our staff attended the “Culture of Poverty” class.  The reviews were very positive from those who attended. Two of our clients have successfully moved out of the house and are supporting themselves.  One of our new hires is an on call child care worker.  It is wonderful to have this position.  Another new hire was a maintenance person, who has been getting many small jobs done around our house.

Several maintenance issues were addressed during the month of September.  Our driveways were repaved for repairs. Both our stove and oven were in need of repair.  They are now working well.  Our maintenance man painted our handicap room and it looks great. Two of our clients successfully completed our program.