October 30, 2013

Group Classes


9:00 – 10:30       JumpStart 4 Joy (Led by Janet Grace Nelson)

Four-week empowerment program which covers topics such as: power of intention, freedom through forgiveness, gratitude through grace, creating a clear vision, self-love practices, confidence & courage.

10:45 –12:00        Creative Healing (Led by Dawn Hull)

Traumatic experiences cause victims’ brains to be on high-alert.  Simple artistic activities calm the parts of the brain that have been overworked by trauma and assist victims in releasing mental tension.  Through the process of making art, survivors can develop greater self-awareness, express thoughts and feelings, access creativity, and regain a sense of control.


9:00 –10:30           Healing from Trauma (Led by Tonya Lewis, MFTI)

Learning new ways to live as you recover from the impact of violence. *By referral only, please see a counselor/advocate for referral to attend this group.

10:45 – 12:00     Healthy Relationships / Domestic Violence Education (Led by Becca Flores)

This group focuses on domestic violence education including: the cycle of violence, power and control, different types of abuse, and the red flags of an abusive relationship. You’ll also learn how to maintain healthy relationships by setting strong boundaries and balancing codependent tendencies.