October 30, 2013

Group Classes


9:00- 10:30am Self-Esteem (Led by Shari Becket)

This group helps us to discard negative self-images, replacing them with positive self-worth, purpose, and peace.  Any issues can be explored while we deal with healing past hurts and themes on our journey to joy-filled living.

10:45 – 12:00   Crochet Cafe (Led by Quinton Page)

This is a relaxed-setting group focusing on open discussion and learning a new skill. Join us for crochet lessons and some tasty treats. Beginners welcome and all supplies will be provided for you.


9:00-10:30           Healing from Trauma (Led by Tonya Lewis, MFTI)

Learning new ways to live as you recover from the impact of violence. *By referral only, please see a counselor/advocate for referral to attend this group.

10:45 – 12:00     Healthy Relationships / Domestic Violence Education (Led by Becca Flores)

This group focuses on domestic violence education including: the cycle of violence, power and control, different types of abuse, and the red flags of an abusive relationship. You’ll also learn how to maintain healthy relationships by setting strong boundaries and balancing codependent tendencies.